Progress – The search for wood

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This is what Abraham and Isaac look like at the start. Not very exciting or sexy but one of the most important parts of a project, selecting the wood. I need to go through up to 1000 board feet of wood to find the 70 to 100 board feet I need for each carving. The grain, color, density, width, thickness, moisture content; they are all important in the selecting wood that will carve well.  It is getting harder to find good mahogany for carving since Honduras restricted exportation a decade ago after a few bad eggs were harvesting trees that they shouldn’t have.

On the rack at the lumber store
Loaded up and ready for the trip to the studio
Abraham and Isaac in the rough.


2 thoughts on “Progress – The search for wood

  1. Dale:
    We follow the progress of your remarkable FPC project with admiration and keen interest even from the remote province of South Carolina. Be well; do good work and smoke only the best cigars. (If you visit the website mentioned above you’ll see the small, traditional Anglican church of which we are active members.)

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